Integrative child therapy is a short-term psychotherapy (5 to 15 sessions) for children between the age of 4 and 14. It puts the child at the central point, as it believes in the wisdom and possibilities of the child itself.

Integrative psychotherapy is a process of integrating parts of the personality. A personality may consist of disowned, unaware or unresolved aspects of the self.
The therapy is a process of healing. I, the therapist, guide this process, and also help bring emotional, cognitive, social, physiological and spiritual systems together within a person. The focus is not on the problem alone, but on your child as a whole.

The methods used during Integrative child therapy depend on the needs and possibilities of your child. The objective is that your child gains more understanding of him-/herself and becomes more confident of his/her ground. With this solid ground, your child learns to deal with his/her problems and will find a solution that suits him/her.

Integrative child therapy is suitable for a wide range of problems. Some examples are:
aggressive behaviour,
sleeping problems,
social awkwardness and
problems caused by high sensitivity.

Throughout the therapy proces, parents are guided to place themselves in the position of their child in order to understand and support him/her better.