Kitty van Houten

Kitty van Houten, mother of two adult children.

Born in the Netherlands (1969) and grew up in Brazil, Spain and Taiwan.

1995 graduated from the Rijksuniversiteit Leiden as a psychologist, specialized in child development. 

1992-2008 worked with children and adults with a mental handicap.

2009 certified Integrative psychotherapist for children, Nederlandse Academie voor Psychotherapy in Amsterdam.

Followed many courses, for example in the field of bodywork and family constellations.

Therapy is possible in English, Spanish or Dutch.


My vision

The Chinese character for “people” consists of two parts supporting each other. It is my strong belief that people are not alone and that we are here to support each other.

It is also my belief and experience that with this support from each other we can develop ourselves and enrich our lives.

It is my goal to give a child the space he/she needs in order to be him-/herself and support and guide them in their development.

Connecting with the children, discovering their talents and addressing obstacles help overcome their problems and make them feel happier and stronger.

I was born in the Netherlands (1969) and grew up in Brazil, Spain and Taiwan. I have a broad view on people and their way of life and I am good at putting things into perspective. Therapy is also possible with me in Spanish and English.

In the past I have worked with children and adults with intellectual disabilities. 

The practice is in Haarlem, where I work with children from the age of 4  with a variety of problems and complaints.
Examples of these complaints are: fears, aggressive behaviour, sleeping problems, social awkwardness and complaints as a result of high sensitivity and problems with giftedness.